How to choose best sports bras?

Do you like wearing sports bra when sports? How to choose best sports bras?

When I first started running, I bought a variety of beautiful sports bras.

Because everyone loves those slender and beautiful girls on TV or online pictures. And the women wearing gorgeous bra in sports, and all looking so great!

When I bought them, I found that there were two wild horses in the chest when running with them. I miserably expected that there would be minor chest strains when running with them. The big problem is that the chest will soon fall to the stomach!

Why You Should Buy Sports Bras?

In normal exercise, our girls’ breasts will always move up and down, left and right, if there is no underwear support, they are likely to damage the elastic fiber tissue in the breasts, causing permanent damage, resulting in Drooping or deformed chest, etc. Are the sisters scared when they hear it?

Sports bras refers to bras that can provide extra support for girls’ chests during exercise and fitness.

It is stronger than ordinary bras, which can reduce chest movement to the greatest extent, relieve chest discomfort, and reduce the potential harm of high-intensity exercise to chest ligaments.

How To Choose Best Sports Bras?

Choose sports bras with different exercise intensity

Different intensities of exercise have different requirements for sports bra. The bra comfort and flexibility required for different impact levels and sports are also different.

a.Low impact

General fitness, such as hiking, yoga, Pilates.

The relatively small exercise intensity means that the fixed requirements for the Sports Bra are correspondingly reduced. Generally, a simple fixed bra is sufficient.

The simple fixing bra is fixed by a layer of elastic mesh fabric, which is a pressure type fixing. It is advisable to choose products with high cotton content to avoid pressure on the chest.

b.Medium impact

Increase physical vitality, technical skills, such as: skiing, golf, dancing, rock climbing.

Medium-strength sports bras mainly relies on elastic fabrics to form a certain pressure on the breasts to achieve a fixed effect.

Compared with low-intensity sports underwear, the cutting requirements are more stringent, requiring full consideration of factors such as breast shape, structure, and the stress on the shoulders and backs.

c.High impact

Increase cardiopulmonary ability, plasticity, such as: running, football, tennis, etc.

The chest shaking is the most intense during high-intensity exercise, and the support and fixation requirements for sports underwear are the highest. It requires both good fixation and no obvious discomfort and pressure on the chest.

The Style Of The Best Sports Bra

a. V-shaped belt buckle bra

This kind of bra seems to be more suitable for sisters with wide shoulders or A cups. Don’t try them lightly above B cups.

Because the strength of the chest is finally added to the two narrow shoulder straps, it will either wear the skin of the shoulder or cause shoulder muscle soreness.

The advantage of this type of bra is because of the adjustable shoulder straps and buckles, you can always find a suitable adjustment to gather the chest, whether it is up and down or left and right to make the chest more fixed.

The possible problem is also in the buckle. The plastic buckle and the metal ring will rub against the skin during running over a certain distance.

Because the body weight changes slightly every day, and the degree of suitability of the clothes will also change, the daily running of 10 kilometers may wear out the skin. It is recommended for less than 10 kilometers.

b. V-shaped racerback swimming race bra

This kind of wide shoulder strap bra without buckle is much wider than the narrow shoulder strap bra with buckle on the front, if you choose the right size.

This kind of bra can provide moderate binding on the chest, the widened shoulder strap can withstand the impact of running, and the one-piece V-shaped design can prevent the shoulder strap from sliding, which is a boon for sisters with plump, narrow shoulders or slippery shoulders.

If you have to find a bad place to talk about it, it may be a bit laborious to put on and take off. But thinking about it, I will enjoy it all the way, who cares about the moments of putting on and taking off.

c.One piece bra

It seems simple, but it’s ever-changing. For example, for a younger sister with a smaller breast, you can buy the simplest one.

And for younger sisters who have a sweet burden, you can choose a one-piece style with a separate cup inside. It’s easy to put on and take off without thinking about it.

The only problem is that this kind of bra is usually easier to relax, depending on whether you cherish it enough, or are willing to change the silver frequently.

How To Choose Bra Size

A.Trying on in the fitting room, first try the size of the bra;

The current measurable standard is: a suitable bra shoulder strap can slide freely in the shoulder strap through two fingers, and one finger can slide freely around the elastic band of the bust .

Here are a few small tips that you can try on in the fitting room, for your reference!

1) Best Sports bras needs to be slightly tighter than ordinary bras, but it still allows us to breathe freely;

2) Do the arm swing action when running to sense whether the inner side of the arm is rubbing against the bra;

3) Raise your arms up, if the bottom belt moves up with the action, then you need to choose a smaller size;

4) Jump on the spot in the fitting room. The swing of the chest up and down, left and right, should not be too large, about 3 cm or less is acceptable.

B. Don’t blindly look for one size;

Do not choose the size of sports bras based solely on the size of underwear you usually wear.

Different sports bras brands will have their own supporting classifications. You wear 70B for this brand, and 75B for another brand. Don’t be too blind to only buy one size.

C. Usage and Wash

If the exercise frequency is high, at least two sports bras must be prepared for replacement.

1.Sports bras has experienced a lot of pulling after being worn, used and washed, so it is recommended that the dried sports bras should be left for a day without using it, so that it can restore its original elasticity and covering properties before using it. It is good for bras and chest.


If you are a person with a high frequency of exercise, as long as you start to feel that the bras straps, lower chest circumference, and sides are beginning to loosen, you need to prepare for a new sports bra.

And whether you run for weight loss or health, please remember that when you complete the training program, there will be changes in your chest circumference.

At this time, you may need to try on again or even buy a new set of sports bra.

  1. Cleaning

Best Sports bras is best to use cold water and powdered detergent for cleaning, because the liquid lotion is easy to block the holes between the fibers of the sports bras fabric, which will impair the performance of sweat absorption and perspiration in the long term.

Ok, from the above, some basic knowledges have been shared. Then you should know how to choose the best sports bras for you now.

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