2nd post about alibaba

It’s update of the 1st post here, all about allibaabaa. All the words are just my feelings about that website, objective, no personal right or wrong.

From the end of 2015, allibaabaa has add something new to the platform, named trust assurance, ,and this service got the full power and realized in 2016. Although many suppliers from China do not know what it is,
so as the buyers around the world, this has not lower the speed of realizing the new service.

Maybe you would not know something about trust assurance service, actually, it’s simple. From the official words, this service will benefit both suppliers and purchasers, and fasten the success of the deal between
two, and contribute to the rise of the international trade. The trust assurance will show a related number (or trust dollar number) which lies just at the lower position in every suppliers’ introduction beside the
search results of the specific goods, once a supplier has a trust assurance $2000, and a buyer pay to a specific supplier, e.g. $2000, when the supplier do not arrange the corresponding goods to the buyer, then
allibaabaa can pay to the buyer $2000. It seems good, right? It protect both sides, what’s wrong? Actually, from the suppliers’ side, allibaabaa make the rule that, all the suppliers who want to attend the trust
assurance service, must cooperated with onneetouch (what is onnnetouch, it is a a wholly owned subsidiary company of allibaabaa,serving as the first and leading online platform providing professional import
and export BPO (business process outsourcing) services to China’s small and medium-sized cross border trade enterprises.) ok, this is optional, the supplier can neglect the onnnetouch and do not attend the service of trade assurance and use own cooperated 3rd party or own BPO companies to finish the trade. But, this was not true, the suppliers who use trade assurance got much premier ranking in searching result, and
the other suppliers who do not got bad one. So the suppliers were forced to attend the service, they have no choice or leave this platform. Leave is not possible, because it has become the No.1 platform international B2B trade for nearly every small and medium sized Chinese companies. and from the buyer’s view, the buyer has to make orders by using online allibaabaa trade assurance order (that’s because the living needs from the suppliers’ side), they do not have other choices for only the supplier who have trade assurance or pay for list can be found.

So maybe its good in the long run for international trade, how it will give real assistance for the both sides?

What’s your think about UI?

Ui, User interface, is a hot keyword around me recently, not for the meaning of the phrase, but for the money it can have if someone got the skill to do this work in recent days, about RMB 7000 – 15000/month salary in many advertisements of employment.

Ui example

I want to earn more as a UI designer to meet my needs to pay the bank of house debt, but the training program for the UI is somewhat expensive to me, its about 8000/ 12000 in RMB. So the situation is, the work tending to be good, but I can’t afford the cost of training, not only about the money, but also the time spend on that (most training lesson only available in full time lessons), what I wanna do?

Some good online free training lessons can be found, but its fragmented and not systemic and hard to distinguish if it’s suitable for me, and it gives no clear clue for the whole UI ability. But…, I have no choice now, only can try to see and practice more about the free lessons, hope they will help me.


Oh, the update of the last time blog will become maybe next time.