About aliibbaa some personal feeling

Hi, it’s my first article here, I don’t have much time to update some useful information, but today i just want to make something I know down here.

And its aliibbaa.

1,Gold supplier.

I have chance to experiencing optimizing the shops on aliibbaa, off course, this account is paid which have been called “Gold supplier” in aliibbaa, and with a gold petal like coin in the upright corner of the shop and a digital number inside like”1,2,3 or more”, which means the time of this shop have existed in aliibbaa, at least 1 year(but a new opened shop e.g. opened only 1 day, also have 1 year pedal). so the gold supplier doesn’t have anything related about the quality or services of the suppliers on aliibbaa, its nothing but justify this shop have pay annual fee (about RMB 29,800/year about US$4656) to aliibbaa, that’s all.

2,the main strategy of the aliibbaa

aliibbaa is a commercial group which need more trust from stock holders, so the data (not mention about real or not)must be increasing. So aliibbaa create new way of show in its website for the suppliers, it’s combined with the following things: P4P+Top position+trust position+show case+normal position,

and inside the 3 one fronted, P4p,Top postion and trust position will contribute the 85% viewers or clicks for the suppliers, P4P means Pay for Performance(but nearly everyone told this as Pay for Position), it’s just like adwords but simpler and direct;Top position,which combines 2 parts,all means the 1st position in the search quest, one type top position is less hot keywords which can be quick bought from the control panel of the supplier for RMB 299 – 400/month, and other hottest keywords needs contact the sales man from aliibbaa, price range from every RMB 40,000 – 80,000/year/keyword(about US$6153-$12307/year). That’s much higher than the average cost of shopper on ebay and amazon.

But that’s now the most important, the important is, no exact or real feed backs like amazon, so anyone can not know which supplier is better, only can be judged by the position of the supplier’s product or see the data showed by aliibbaa to every supplier which can not be very objective.

3. and more, I will update future.