The Best Winter Coats for Women and How To Select Coat for You

It’s cooling down now, have you find the best winter coats for women now?

No matter what the answer is yes or not, its time to think about that now! A coat is important not only for the general
keeping warm needs, but also make your winter life more winter like(hahaha, that’s not from dream!)

best winter coats for women

Why Select an Awesome Coat is a must be for Style

A coat is truly make up your style. And this is necessary for every woman in cold weather, because that’s make your
winter makeup complete!

Have a suitable coat will make first impression great ( even for your old friends! ).

There are many good options and reason to know how to choose a coat for you, just follow us, and find the most
touching point for you.

best winter coats for women

What Are The Best Choices of Women’s Coats For You?

The must-have coats are vary from woman to woman, according to everyone’s characteristics, hobbies and financial budget.

You should think about the numbers of you planning coats this winter. You want one for whole winter or two option? Or even more choices which can coin your different needs?

Perfectly, you may have 3 or 5 coat at your wardrobe. Without those, it’s difficult to choose when encounting different situations.

Below are collections which mainly describe some coats choosing ideas, it maybe some trends for 2020 fall women coat.

Following are my recommendations for 2020 winter women coats in your wardrobe:
1, One Common Coat which you can wear everyday in winter or late fall.

From the picture above, you can see the coat above is suitable for daily life.
The mention point for this coat is, that the length of the coat should be knee length or near knee length. of course,
for the accessories on the coat is also needed, like some earrings, necklace, boots and so on.

2, A good ( prefer faux fur coat) looking winter coat for somewhat party use.

Yes, when thinking about best winter coats for women, another idea coming to us is, you should ready for participate some friends’ party at this winter, and so you should have a suitable winter coat for this.

Because this is a farily know eachother party, a good-looking coat is enough. The choice is different from people, this suggestion can be considered.

3, More formal one is also best winter coats for women in other important occasions.

If you have some formal meetings in work/company last year, maybe you should have one formal coat for you this year.
Many people would judge a woman by her coat in new year. Do you like put on same coat with last year? This is absolutely ok, but may effect some other’s feeling about your living conditions(Did the lady there have some trouble in life? She just wearing same coat with last year).

4, Some weekends use coats.

Yes, after so many frustrated works in daily life, do you want a happy weekends with your friends or your family members? A suitable and new looking best women coats would add oppotunities to raise your scores with your loved one. Maybe a happier and warmer ending is waving hands to you?

5, Raincoat or trench coat for not good weather day.

Raincoat or trench coat is necessary for everyone. You will get wet & may got cold in the rain if you do not have a raincoat or trench coat.

The possible combination of the raincoat is jeans / sneaker and hoodies.

Now let’s take a look about the type of my feeling of best winter coats for women:

  1. Bathrobe coat

Bathrobe coats have really gone bad these two years. From celebrities to street shots to bloggers, everyone is in the air. The sign of this coat is that there are no buttons or zippers, just a belt to tie it casually, it looks like it will be stripped in minutes. Of course, this is called high-level sexiness that can be viewed from a distance and can be obscene but not playful.

The best look in the bathrobe coat is nude and camel. This high-level color and tall style look like a local tyrant girl. Wear it out to ensure that it attracts high-quality trendy men rather than trivial dicks.

Best Winter Coats for Women

To wear a good bathrobe coat, the most beautiful thing is to have bare legs and a belt that is casually tied. It is really a kind of kicking just out of the bath.

Best Winter Coats for Women

But wanting to show your legs in the winter requires not only courage, but also a car that can carry you everywhere. Girls who don’t have a car should wear pants to avoid cold legs.

Generally speaking, this style looks good even if you don’t tie a belt, and you can wear it openly.

Best Winter Coats for Women

However, the upper body is more layered when wearing, so it is not suitable for apple-shaped girls with strong upper body.

  1. Double buttoned coat

The double-buttoned coat is derived from menswear, with larger lapels, double-buttoned and slightly A-shaped. This style is characterized by its neat spirit, which is more suitable for matching pants. And handsome. When the clothes are open, I feel that I am domineering and leaking. Do you know that?

Best Winter Coats for Women

Because this style is more handsome, it is best to wear it with pants and boots to highlight your handsomeness.

If you want to match a skirt, try not to wear that kind of fancy or lace. A simple solid-color pencil skirt looks very nice. And fishnet socks are really not suitable for this style.

Best Winter Coats for Women

But the large lapels and double-buttoned style details are not suitable for girls with plump uppers. And according to Kekasan’s own experience, the position of the button often appears on the sensitive parts of the big buttoned girl, and then it is pushed up, the style of painting is simply too strange.

Best Winter Coats for Women
Women coat here

3.oversized and cocoon coat

It is said that oversized and cocoon coats are not the same style. Of course, there is a slight difference in size, but to us, what looks like a spacesuit is that the two are the same. The cocoon coat was created by Mr. Balenciaga in 1957. It is marked by a rounded shoulder line and its silhouette resembles a silkworm cocoon. The cocoon coats of that era were really elegant and beautiful, and the smell in the old photos was very charming.

best winter coats for women

Over the decades, this type of coat has evolved from a simple and pure classic cocoon type to a variety of styles with large lapels/belts. The materials have also changed a lot. However, in the eyes of Kekasan, this style is completely prepared for the thinners. The thinner you look like a human, the better it looks. And the shoulder-width stars must stay away from the cocoon coat, otherwise the upper body will look like a boxer lady.

best winter coats for women

Because the silhouette is relatively wide, in order to reflect a better proportion, the collocation should pay attention to the top and bottom tightness.

In fact, those who can’t hold a coat wear a short style with a turtleneck sweater and look good.

For some very oversized styles, small or fleshy girls must not choose, otherwise he will have to lie in your closet for retirement.

  1. Suit collar coat

This is considered the most classic style. This kind of coat is also derived from men’s clothing, and it has been a classic since the existence of such an artifact. It is marked with an H profile, long in length, neatly cut and straight, with single and double breasted models. It is also a handsome type. Boys wear this kind of coat, don’t be too handsome, girls will look very capable and strong women in this suit collar.

best winter coats for women

The suit collar coat is too suitable to wear with wide-leg pants. Step on a pair of skyhigh pumps and sing: I want to fly higher~~ The first impression when someone wears this is, well, this person is rich.

best winter coats for women
best winter coats for women
  1. Princess coat

It is marked by an A-line skirt-like hem with a waistline and high waistline. This style is a good partner for a pear-shaped figure. The skirt below the waist can fully cover the hip position. Big ass, small belly, thick thighs, all of them are hidden for you.

best winter coats for women
Princess coat

Princess Kate wears a coat very well, so she can write a coat textbook. When she was pregnant, she often wore a coat with a large skirt, and some angles did not even show signs of pregnancy. Hot moms are about to get new skills.

Princess coat
Princess coat

Come on, learn how to do it with the princess~

And the big skirt is easy to wear gorgeous and noble, it is the favorite of the princesses of various countries. Princess Mary often wears it when attending events.

best winter coats for women

The white coat with good texture, the effect is simply perfect, elegant and non-human fireworks.

Princess coat

Those who want to be sweet or lady-like will choose this one.

best winter coats for women
  1. Small A-line coat

If you think the princess-shaped coat is a little too gorgeous, you can choose a small A-line coat. This kind of coat is generally simple, but it is elegant and generous. It’s not too fancy to wear usually. It’s really a style that every girl should have.

Many A-line coats are collarless designs, very intellectual and elegant. Many Japanese coats are of this style. The commute wears great.

Small A-line coat

If you get a good texture, like this one, it looks like you can go to the dinner party.

The textbook kate style with a small lapel and a belt is also very beautiful.

  1. Horn button coat

The horn button coat is simply a must-have for students, and you can wear it with a sense of college style. The choice of horn button coat depends on the number of buttons. Generally, the three buttons like Miss Zhong are the best looking.

Horn button coat

Mildew retro control, street photography also often see the appearance of horn button coats, looks like a very good girl, how can I imagine that now the income of female singers is the first in the world would like this type of best winter coats for women .

Princess coat
  1. Military coat

The uniform coat I’m talking about isn’t the old quilted jacket of the army, but is derived from the uniforms of soldiers in Europe. Most have details like epaulettes, double-breasted buttons, larger metal buttons, and colors such as military green and dark blue. 

Princess coat
Princess coat

The military coat looks tough, so the overall match is usually simple and straightforward. Many of these coats have double-breasted buttons and large lapels. I think this kind of stylish coat should be necessary by hand. What if you look cooler than your boyfriend?

best winter coats for women

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